Hereâs how birthday boy Shah Rukh Khan remains fit 

It’s Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday today. The actor just gets better with age, and his physique is giving the younger lot of actors a run for their money. We look down at one of his interviews from our archives and reveal some of his fitness tips. In this throwback interview, Shah Rukh Khan’s trainer revealed how he keeps himself fit and leads a healthy lifestyle to get that perfect physique.

Shah Rukh Khan fitness

Shah Rukh has undergone numerous surgeries and yet he has always pushed himself to achieve the highest fitness levels. Each time he’s back from a surgery he used to tell his trainer that, ‘now we’ll build a better body’. He’s restless and he doesn’t like to lie in bed even when he’s injured, revealed his trainer Prashant Sawant in this 2014 interview with us.

Shah Rukh Khan is not much of a food lover and hence eats sparingly. He’ll never bother with another helping. He eats a high protein diet, mainly chicken and eggs complemented with protein shakes. That adds a good amount of muscle to his body. He takes care to eat healthy salads and green vegetables and this keeps his diet clean.

Shah Rukh Khan fitness

Even his trainer agrees that age is just a number for him and he seems to be getting younger and younger by the day. “I try to build a regime around his lifestyle and habits. Age cannot be a hurdle in achieving anything. There has never been an instance when I’ve given him a high-intensity workout and he has not been able to do it, or that he felt a lack of stamina or went out of breath. He has only exceeded my expectations. Above all, he’s humble and polite. That makes him a true superstar,” commented the trainer.

Shah Rukh Khan’s dedication sets him apart and we love him for that.