Hereâs How Birthday Girl Raveena Tandon Remains Super Fit

Raveena Tandon sizzled the big screen with her performances and her moves. The actress till date makes sure that she is in the perfect shape and always remains super-fit. Today the diva celebrates her birthday and we bring you some fitness secrets that she’s been following for a while.

Raveena Tandon Fitness

In one of her interviews with a leading daily, Raveena Tandon had revealed her fitness regime and how she manages to remain so fit. She says that back in the ’90s, actresses were often body-shamed into being slim. She states that a ‘dedicated meal plan’ didn’t feature in her routine, however swimming and gymming has always remained a necessity for her. “(After 40), I’ve been able to maintain my weight far more easily than I could when I was young. While I was (heavier) then, I find it easier to stay fit today due to my meal choices,” says the actress.

She states her golden rules in fitness, adding that everyone needs to follow their body’s signals. “Not every food suits everyone. Curd, for instance, doesn’t suit me. Thus, eat according to your body type. I consume a lot of ghee. It moisturises my body and leaves my hair shining.”

Raveena Tandon Fitness

The actress also sticks to drinking warm water, “The second thing that helps me stick to my fitness routine each year is drinking warm water in the morning, and before I go to sleep. It cleans the digestive system.”

Raveena also follows a mix of different exercises. “So, I’m never bored. I combine yoga, pilates, kick-boxing, weight-training and exercises for the core muscles. When you are flexible with your physical fitness routine, you can adapt it according to your travel schedule and make sure you don’t miss out on it.”

Now that’s one dedicated fitness regime to follow and we love the diva’s healthy daily routine.