In A Flashback Photo, Edward Enninful Posted One Of Naomi Campbell Holding Her Baby

When Naomi Campbell became a mother, she proudly proclaimed the news to the world. The catwalk model then expressed her gratitude to the infant for bringing her so much joy.

However, Internet commenters claimed that the model used a surrogate mother rather than giving birth herself. The fashion model, however, wishes to keep quiet about this and has not yet shared the child’s father’s name.

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Naomi is known as the Black Panther, yet despite her reputation as a brawler, she is incredibly sensitive about her personal life. Unfortunately, only a few images and one video of the infant are available on Campbell’s blog. Fans did, however, get to see Naomi with her daughter for the first time recently.

In order to wish Riccardo Tisci a happy birthday, Edward Enninful released a group photo in which Campbell is seen holding a little child. Naomi, who was dressed all in black, was pictured holding the infant and cuddling her close.

It’s rare to see her this way, “I never thought I’d say this, but Naomi’s parenting is beautiful,” “She even has a softer look,” “With her reputation, it’s hard to imagine that she can become a decent mother – but the images tell otherwise,” and Network users make other comments.

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The supermodel, who is reportedly single, shocked her Instagram fans at the time by posting a photo of herself holding her newborn daughter and writing that she had never experienced a “better love.”

A photo of her newborn girl, whose name has not been released, was posted by Naomi along with the caption, “A lovely little blessing has chosen me to be her mother.”


There are no words to express the enduring relationship I now have with you, my angel, but I feel very honored to have this kind person in my life. No love can be more significant.