In A Gameplay Clip Depicting Nightwing As The Playable Character, The Gotham Knights Boss Battle Featuring Harley Quinn’s End Of Arc Is Presented

Before Gotham Knights‘ accelerated release in October, how much more will be presented is unknown. Even while there are undoubtedly fans who still want to see more at this point, Gotham Knights are likely to hold a lot of surprises for them that are best kept a secret until viewers can watch it.

For instance, fans who do not want the details of future boss battles revealed should avoid the most recent Gotham Knights announcement. The gameplay for Harley Quinn’s boss fight in Gotham Knights has recently been made public knowledge. The gameplay for that scene has now been released, displaying what Game Director Geoff Ellenor refers to as her “end of arc boss fight,” implying that this might be one of the last times that players interact with her character before she is presumably imprisoned in the GCPD.

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This gameplay, which lasts roughly seven minutes, was recently featured on IGN First. In the cinematic that precedes the fight, Harley is being followed by Nightwing inside Gotham Hospital, hinting at what Harley’s villain journey has been up to this point.

The seemingly innocent Gothamites that make up Harley’s followers are brainwashed by a handheld device Harley keeps on her person and may or may not form their faction gang in Gotham Knights. Throughout Harley’s narrative, players will presumably see these residents quite a bit.

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In this gaming sample, Nightwing is the protagonist. Therefore it’s fantastic to observe how agile and acrobatic Harley is in contrast to him. For example, Harley swings a mallet at Nightwing with a red icon instead of the usual white icon that tells players when to dodge while doing cartwheels, handsprings, and flips in midair as gracefully and fluently as Nightwing.

Harley also has a move in which she leaps backward and lobs three explosives with separate circle AoEs in a large area. Unfortunately, Harley appears to be knocked back and rendered motionless by Nightwing’s repeated use of a cryogenic elemental blast, leaving her vulnerable to more attacks or grabs.