In Vermont, Burglary Charges Were Brought Against Ezra Miller

Authorities were informed of a break-in on May 1 in the town of Stamford, per a police statement. They became suspicious of the actor after seeing surveillance footage, who has been in the Fantastic Beasts series of movies.

In Hawaii, Miller is accused of assault, and other women have accused him of abusing them. According to Vermont State Police, nobody was home when the property was broken into.

According to a release from the police on Monday, “reasonable suspicion was determined to charge Ezra M Miller with the crime of felony trespass into an empty property” as a consequence of an inquiry that included surveillance footage and witness accounts.

On September 26, the Justice League actor was required to show up in court to answer for the offense. The 29-year-old actor has been involved in a number of events, including the suspected burglary.

A chair that Miller reportedly threw in April struck a 26-year-old woman in the forehead, according to Hawaii police, who subsequently detained Miller. Miller was accused of harassment and disruptive behavior at a karaoke bar in Hawaii just two weeks prior.

Angered by a performance of Shallow from the movie A Star Is Born, the actor allegedly seized a microphone from a woman singing and rushed at a man playing darts.

Miller, who refers to herself as “they” and “them,” is well recognized for their work on the hit films Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Perks of a Wallflower.

They will play Flash in the next DC movie, The Flash, which will be published in 2019. Miller was then charged with harboring three small children and their mother on a Vermont farm that was full of weapons in late June.

Rolling Stone was informed by two people at the time that they worried for the kids’ safety, who ranged in age from one to five. When Page Six asked Miller’s representatives for comment on the most recent charges, they did not react right away.