Intel-powered Mac Minis are cheaper than ever on Amazon

This is the higher-end model of the Mac Mini, but you can also snag the base version (with a Core i3 processor and a 256GB SSD) for $550 if you prefer to spend even less. However, the better deal is that of the Core i5 model because you’re essentially getting the most powerful Intel-powered Mac Mini for only a bit more than the normal price of the base model.

We gave the Mac Mini a score of 80 when we reviewed this version a few years ago. While it was the most affordable computer in Apple’s lineup (and it remains so with the M1 models, too), it packed a lot of power in a small package. Its compact design means it’ll likely fit on even the most cramped desk and its speedy processor will serve most people well. Unfortunately, those looking for a strong graphics machine will have to look elsewhere as the Mac Mini’s lack of dedicated GPU holds it back in that department.

But the Mac Mini has versatility going for it and that’s not only thanks to its small design. It also has four Thunderbolt 3 ports and two USB A ports, among others, giving you plenty of ways to connect peripherals and other accessories. Overall, this sale is a good opportunity to snag a powerful Mac Mini at the best price we’ve seen it. However, it’s worth noting that a comparably-specced Mac Mini with Apple’s latest M1 chipset is only a bit more expensive on Amazon right now at $869.

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