Jacqueline Fernandez breaks some fitness myths

Jacqueline Fernandez who’s one of the fittest actresses in B town, who surely knows all the best fitness tips and also what not to follow.

In the times of social media and all information easily available on the internet, there is too much misinformation also that gets spread around. When we got chatting with Jacqueline about fitness, the super-fit actress helped bust some popular fitness myths.

Jacqueline Farnandez

Here are 4 fitness myths struck down by Jacqueline:

1- Do not eat carbs. They make you fat.

2- Do not do weights. Weights won’t make you lose weight.

3- Starving yourself makes you skinny.

4- A lot of people feel that healthy food won’t make you fat. But you should be aware that healthy foods also come with calories. Healthy food is good for you but be aware of the portions.

Now that’s something really helpful for all of us.

Jacqueline Farnandez