Jacqueline Fernandez dinner meal is healthy and yummy

Jacqueline Fernandez’ dinner meal is healthy and yummy

Jacqueline Fernandez is one actress who is extremely passionate about looking after her body. This is the reason behind her extremely disciplined lifestyle which includes regular sleep, workout sessions and most importantly a proper diet.

Jacqueline Fernandez dinner

Through her diet, Jacquline ensures that along with avoiding extra carbs, she gets all the essential micronutrients required for a healthy body. Her recent Instagram stories gave us another example of the same as she shared a glimpse of her dinner. The actress enjoyed a bowl full of tofu and vegetables. She opted for a variety of vegetables and even wrote, “Rainbow vegetables” in her caption symbolizing the colourful appearance of her meal. Take a look at the post below.

Jacqueline Fernandez dinner

Pretty delicious isn’t it?