Jacqueline Fernandezâ gives out 5 most important fitness tips

Whether it has been her songs or her appearance at the movies, Jacqueline Fernandez has always been at her fittest best and the actress has always maintained that perfect body. The actress who loves fitness and gives priority to it, often practices yoga and other forms of exercise to keep herself in best shape.

Jacqueline Farnandez Fitness

In one of our interviews, Jacqueline Fernandez had dished out some 5 major fitness tips that would help everyone and get you the desired body. Jacqueline says, “First –

Aim to have flexibility, stamina and strength in your body. To build stamina you should do cardio for an hour. You can do any kind of cardio. If you like to run, run. If you like to dance, dance. If you like to swim, swim. To achieve flexibility stretching and yoga is the best. And for strength, you can do any kind of strength training. Around the week just keep doing that wherever you can.

” Now that’s a great health-tip. She further says that food is really important for fitness. She adds her point two saying, “When it comes to your food, don’t worry about it. Just workout. When you will stop worrying about food, you won’t starve and you won’t over eat. Just remember to workout and immediately after working out, just take care of yourself.”

Jacqueline Farnandez Fitness

“Third – Drink a lot of water. I carry a sipper of water and keep refilling it. I drink a lot of water.

Fourth, drink at least two cups of green tea or herbal tea in the day. Even if you are someone who likes to have


, coffee, have that, it’s fine but make sure that you also include two cups of green tea.”

And Jacqueline finally says that the most important fitness tip is, “Don’t push yourself too hard. You will get injured. But at the same time push yourself (Laughs).” Now looks like Jacqueline has listed out the perfect workout regime.