Jamie Foxx Flirts With Former On-Screen Love Interest Garcelle Beauvais – Says They Should’ve Dated In Real Life!

Jamie Foxx just appeared on Garcelle Beauvais’ podcast and their little reunion was pretty flirty! As you might know, the two are former ‘Jamie Foxx Show’ co-stars and love interests on the show so Jamie did not hesitate to remind everyone that and suggest they ‘should have been together’ in real life as well!

In other words, the actor was definitely thinking of what could’ve been!

The two worked together on the comedy from 1996 to 2001 and played love interests throughout all 5 seasons.

To start things off, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star noted that Jamie Foxx did not appear to give any ‘attention’ to the men in her life on her podcast, appropriately titled Going To Bed With Garcelle.

‘By the way, you never really give any guy that I’m with any real attention,’ she pointed out, prompting Jamie to explain himself.

And sure enough, he did and was as direct and as bold as he could’ve been, flirting with Garcelle by saying: ‘Because me and you, we should’ve been together. So every time I see him, I was like: ‘Damn, I f***ed up.’’

As you can see, Jamie did not mention any of her exes’ names but fans know that there was a small window of opportunity for the two to start a romance since Garcelle was married from 1991 to 2000 to Daniel Saunders and from 2001 to 2011 to Mike Nilon!

Either way, Jamie Foxx admitted to giving Garcelle’s exes some ‘real s**t looks.’

‘I feel it! I feel it and they feel it,’ she went on to acknowledge.

But what is most important is that they have such a close, longstanding friendship as the reality TV star also mentioned.

‘We’re in a relationship forever. It’s funny ’cause when we worked together we had made a pact that we weren’t gonna date because it would be awkward. If it didn’t work out and we still have to work together, that would be…. So I got engaged two weeks before the show wrapped up and he was like: ‘You couldn’t wait?’’ she recalled.

Garcelle then added that ‘Now we’re like brother and sister, and it’s – we have a great relationship so I wouldn’t wanna mess that up.’