Jeezy Has A Lot Of Respect For Kanye But He Won’t Be Voting For Him This Year

Jeezy has a lot of respect for Kanye West, but he wouldn’t vote for the Yeezy creator. As most know by now, Kanye West has been turning heads on a regular basis ever since he announced he was going to run for the presidency this year.

Following the revelation of his presidential run back in July, the rapper’s campaign has been surrounded by controversy, including media reports which have claimed he was booted off the ballot in a number of states due to fraudulent signatures among other problems.

Not long after, the rapper took aim at Sony Music and Universal Music Group for the way in which they deal with their artists. He subsequently doxxed the personal information of a Forbes editor which led to a 12-hour ban from Twitter.

Regarding his political career, Jeezy recently spoke with Deadline and said he was going to endorse Joe Biden-Kamala Harris this year, rather than Kanye, even though he has a lot of respect for the music and fashion mogul.

Jeezy said to reporters from the outlet that Kanye is a “great artist,” but no one needs him as the president of the United States. Yeezy went on to say that “this is real, people are dying,” before adding that we didn’t need more entertainment.

He claimed the situation in the United States right now is “serious,” and the country needs help and “real change.” Regarding his thoughts on Joe Biden, Jeezy said he was happy to see that the presidential nominee is willing to listen to what black people have to say about their experiences.

The rapper says he finds it encouraging that Biden is willing to “understand what we’re going through as Black men.” According to Jeezy, being a black man in the United States is “definitely a hard job right now.”

As it was previously reported, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the contenders for the Democratic party this year up against Donald Trump and Mike Pence, who represent the Republican party. Kamala just revealed she would be the vice-presidential candidate last month.