Jennifer Lopez Gushes Over Her 12-Year-Old Daughter’s New Book – Reveals What Inspired It!

Jennifer Lopez’s daughter, Emme, has a new book out and the proud mom appeared on Good Morning America to promote it! Obviously, J.Lo. could not help but gush over her 12 year old and she also explained what inspired the preteen to actually write and publish a book despite being so young!

That’s right! Jennifer Lopez’s daughter is only 12 years old but she is already an author!

As fans may know, Emme just published her very first picture book titled Lord Help Me, which contains daily prayers.

The book has apparently been in the works for several years but it just hit the shelves today and Jennifer Lopez could not be any more proud of her daughter.

That being said, while on GMA, she discussed the project more in detail and raved about Emme’s talent and determination.

Not only that but, the multitalented artist also revealed that the special project was inspired by Emme’s love for sloths!

‘She’s been obsessed with sloths since she was a little girl — since we went on our first tour when she was four years old. We went to see a sloth farm, a sanctuary, I think. She fell in love with them.’

But how did that lead to her wiring a faith-based book?

Well, according to Lopez, one night she had a conversation with her nanny, who told J.Lo. that all kids need to be ‘taught’ how to pray.

‘[Emme] was like, ‘Maybe we can write a book where we can save the sloths and we can use the money to save the sloths.’ I’m so proud of her to author her first book at 12 years old. She’s way, way ahead of me,’ the mom shared on the show.

Following the initial idea, the little girl started to write the book and even showcased her artistic talent as well by drawing pictures for the book.