Joe Biden’s campaign has a ‘Fortnite’ island

You can try the Fortnite map yourself using the code 0215-4511-1823.

This isn’t the first game-based campaign effort from Biden and Harris. They already have their own Animal Crossing campaign signs. Other Democrats are using gaming to get out the vote, too — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently used a high-profile Among Us stream to inspire voters.

Will this work? It’s hard to say. It’s coming extremely late in an election when many have voted early. And let’s be honest: it’s hard to escape the whiff of a “how do you do, fellow kids?” attempt at relevancy from candidates who’ve likely never touched Fortnite. Still, this shows the extent to which Biden’s crew is trying to court voters during a pandemic when safe in-person rallies are difficult or impossible. Don’t be surprised if candidates try more game-based voter rallies going forward, at least when they think younger voters will be receptive.