Justin Bieber Shows Up At Fans’ Dance Practice For His New Song ‘Holy’ And Their Surprised Reactions Are Amazing – Video!

Justin Bieber thought it woud be great to surprise some of his fans by just showing up at their dance rehearsal and their reaction was priceless! As you know, the singer, who is very religious, just dropped his first gospel song appropriately titled Holy and his Beliebers really love it.

That being said, one gospel group was practicing his dance routine for the new single when Justin Bieber just showed up, surprising them big time!

It’s no secret that the pop star loves to surprise his fans as often as he can and with the release of his new song in collaboration with Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber gave some youngsters the surprise of their lifetime by just dropping by their dance rehearsal!

The youth gospel group was actually practicing outside a fire station and so Justin was able to emerge from the said fire station and take them by surprise while their backs were turned to the building.

This was all caught on camera, making for an unforgettable memory as well as a viral video!

After emerging from the fire station, the singer can be seen watching from the side as the young fans danced, his mask still concealing his identity.

When the song finally ended, however, it was time for the artist to take off the protective face covering and reveal himself to the excited fans who were truly shocked to realize who it was!

Justin proceeded to share some words of wisdom with the group and even posed for a pic with all of them.

The music video for the new song shows the realities of this global pandemic that has not only killed so many people but has also caused many more to lose their jobs.

That being said, Justin Bieber and Star actress Ryan Destiny portray a couple evicted from their apartment after not being able to make rent.

As they wander the streets at night, That ’70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama who plays a military serviceman, drives by and offers to take them home.

At the end, his family and the two guests share a meal together.