Kandi Burruss Celebrates 20 Years Since She Released Her First Solo Album

Kandi Burruss celebrated a very special day – 20 years have passed since she released her very first solo album. Check out her post below.

’20 Years Ago today I released my first solo album Hey Kandi! Wow! (Swipe left to a walk down memory lane)! It featured the singles “Don’t Think I’m Not” and “Cheatin on me”! Let me know your favorite song below 🙌🏾🙌🏾’ Kandi captioned the post.

Someone said: ‘A LEGEND! “Don’t Think I’m Not” is still the jam! I wasn’t even old enough to be in a club yet! Singing from home!’ and a follower posted this: ‘This was my sh*t. I’d come home from school throw my book bad and it in the middle Indian style & watch bet🙏🏽.’

A follower wrote: ‘I had this on 12”!!! WOW!! Who knew 20years later I’d be working with you!!’ and someone else said: ‘Your face hasn’t changed one bit 😍 You are such an underrated solo artist 😭🔥 I love the whole album can’t believe it’s been 20 years.’

One commenter posted: ‘Love you so much! Such an amazing artist/mom/entrepreneur/actress.. ect the list goes on lol🔥’

Another follower said: ‘Shit the whole thing to be honest. This is one of my favorite albums. Nobody could tell me nothing lol 💯’

Someone else wrote: ‘I loved them both but I played the hell out of cheating on me @kandi.’

Another follower said: ‘Don’t Think I’m Not, What I’m Gone Do To You & Pants On Fire ✨ me & my sister @supa_koolazz loved this album growing up!!’

One fan posted this: ‘It’s the head wraps for me. U was a fashion wave back then I remember all your looks.’

Kandi Burruss hopped into the Firstborn Challenge wagon and dropped some amazing pics featuring her daughter, Riley Burruss.

‘Since I miss my firstborn so much, I will gladly take on the #firstbornchallenge. I miss my baby @rileyburruss! She’s away at #NYU doing her own thing. My ❤️’ Kandi captioned her post.

Fans sent love to Kandi and Riley.