Kangana Ranaut issues a statement on the farmersâ protests on Twitter

Yesterday, Kangana Ranaut received a lot of flak for her remarks that were made during a verbal spat with Diljit Dosanjh on social media. The two got involved in a heated argument in which Kangana took a jibe at the protesting farmers.

Now, the actress has taken to social media yet again and decided to clear her stance on the issue. In her tweets, Kangana revealed that she in fact is in support of the farmers. She wrote, “I am with farmers, last year I activity promoted agroforestry and donated for the cause as well, I have been vocal about farmers exploitation and their problems also I worry a lot so prayed for resolves in this sector, which finally happened with this revolutionary bill.”

In another tweet, Kangana wrote that the bill will transform the lives of the farmers in several ways. “This Bill is going to transform farmers’ lives for the better in many ways. I understand the anxiousness and effect of many rumours but I am certain the government will address all doubts, please be patient. I am with my farmers and the people of Punjab hold a special place in my heart.” she wrote.

She finally tweeted, “My request to Farmers across the nation is don’t let any communists/Khalistani tukde gangs hijack your protests. Latest reports suggest that the talks with the authorities are yielding results. I wish everyone all the best. Hope peace and faith prevail in the nation again, Jai Hind.”

Kangana Ranaut farmers
Kangana Ranaut farmers