Kanye West Puts Puma On Blast – Says They Have ‘Embarrassingly Trash’ Designs

At this point, most have gotten used to seeing Kanye West‘s name in the headlines more than once almost every single day. Today, the rapper found himself the center of attention once again with a tweet in which he put Puma on blast.

Obviously, Kanye is partial to Adidas because he has been working with them for years. Regardless, West trashed Puma for what he described as “embarrassingly trash” designs. The rapper said on his Twitter account that he was the “head of Adidas” and he would soon come for Puma as well.

You can check out Kanye’s tweet for yourself below:

Even though Kanye doesn’t like Puma, the company has been doing well for their recent work, including Thunder Spectra, as well as their basketball products. The company also worked with J. Cole in the recent past.

As it was already noted above, Kanye has been in the headlines on repeat over the last few months. This past week, West took aim at the recording industry after he spoke with Sony Music and Universal Music Group through a text message exchange.

The rapper told the executive that he wasn’t interested in doing business with either company ever. He later went on to say that it was within the artist’s right to own their master recordings. He claimed the artist is almost always getting the short end of the stick when it comes to profits.

Other performing artists got behind his tweet, including Hit-Boy, despite the fact they haven’t always gotten along. Amid his tweets, Kanye also shouted out to Taylor Swift, who famously brought up the subject first amid her battle with Scooter Braun.

As it was previously reported, Scooter Braun purchased Taylor’s master recordings for $300 million as her record contract with Big Machine Records was about to expire.

Taylor claims she was told she would have to sign with the record label again if she wanted to earn her masters. Taylor never responded to Kanye’s plea for help amid his one-sided social media battle with the recording industry.