Kelly Clarkson Reveals What She’s Learned From Her Brandon Blackstock Divorce And The ‘Dumpster Fire’ That Was 2020 In General!

In a segment for her The Kelly Clarkson Show, the artist opened up about 2020 as the year is approaching its end, revealing that she’s learned a lot these past months. Of course, Kelly Clarkson admitted that it’s been ‘quite a year’ for her just like for everyone else, in addition to her own personal experiences such as going through a divorce.

As fans know, the singer filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock back in June after almost 7 years of marriage.

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The now-exes share two kids together – 4 year old Remington and 6 year old River!

Kelly shared on her show that ‘Even at 38, I feel like I am always changing and progressing in a good way. I always want to make sure I am being the best version of myself. You’re who you surround yourself with. You want to make sure that you’re surrounded by people who also want to be the best versions of themselves and have a good, common goal for everyone, not just themselves.’

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She went on to say that ‘It’s been a really good lesson to learn that people could be bad for you at a certain time. I think that everybody goes, ‘Oh, that just means they’re bad.’ It does not necessarily mean that, it just means you’re on different paths. I think that that’s OK. Everybody is on a different learning curve and everybody is learning something different at different times.’

Even though 2020 has been pretty horrible generally, Kelly made it a point to stress that she found joy in close friends, her kids, of course, as well as in her job!

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It’s also made her realize, perhaps more than ever, just why family and friends are so important.

After all, leaning on those loved ones was what got her through the pandemic and quarantine.