Kendall Jenner Marked The Occasion Of Her Wyoming Visit With A New, Tiny Tattoo

Kendall Jenner , 26, recently traveled to Wyoming for a rodeo and posted a number of images there for her followers to see.

The model herself lit up on a few of them, posed in a denim miniskirt and a white T-shirt that read “J’Adore Cowboys,” some of them contained bulls and other show memorabilia.

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Although this is not Kendall’s first rodeo, it is the first one after which she wanted to get a tattoo, which she did. On her left ankle, the model sported a little cowboy boot.

The tattoo was made by artist Kate McDuffie, also known as Ghost Cat, who acquired this moniker due to her passion for tiny, detailed illustrations.

McDuffie shared sketches and a photo of the shoes that served as inspiration for her tattoo on her own account, in addition to various views of the tattoo itself.

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Fans would never have realized that Kendall commemorated this journey with a small permanent sketch if it weren’t for Jenner’s page tagging.

This summer, Enner has focused on the west, visiting Wyoming and Idaho recently.

While visiting the latter state on Wednesday, the founder of 818 Tequila posted pictures of her journey to the rodeo while wearing a white tank top that read “J’Adore Cowboys” as a parody of Dior’s well-known “J’Adore Dior” tanks from the 2000s.

It appears that Jenner decided to use some permanent ink to mark the occasion.

In a previous post, In contrast to Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner doesn’t dress too Avant-grade. The girl favors traditional and laid-back sportswear, such as long-sleeved basics, cycling shorts, leather pants, and denim midi skirts. She prefers to go around Los Angeles in thin, strappy sandals with tiny heels, tall boots, and sneakers.


Kendall has a number of New Balance models she likes, including the 327, 530, and 550. She frequently sports them, pairing them with either casual ensembles or dressy ones.