KJ Apa And Camila Mendes Reveal How They Film Kissing Scenes For ‘Riverdale’ Amid The Pandemic!

How do you keep filming steamy scenes as an actor amid a global pandemic when you’re expected to socially distance as much as possible? Well, Riverdale stars KJ Apa and Camila Mendes just revealed how their make out scenes really look like before editing!

As it turns out, it’s not as spontaneous, as romantic and as sexy as it may look like on the small screen!

The reason is that the stars are expected to use mouth wash before every take of a scene in which their characters are kissing!

Naturally, Archie and Veronica, their characters on the popular show, cannot really keep the six feet distance while making out which is why there are other, more extreme measures the stars need to take to make sure they’re keeping safe.

KJ Apa took to social media yesterday to share a video on which it can be seen how he and Camila Mendes are gargling some mouthwash before a hot make out scene.

Not only that but they actually need to gargle it for at least 30 seconds so it must be quite the mood killer for such scenes in which they need to show chemistry as a couple.

Thankfully, the two actors are really close friends so they had fun with it, linking arms as if they were toasting.

Then they can be seen handing the empty paper cups to some staff members who were wearing protective gloves and then spitting the mouthwash into plastic bags after the 30 seconds needed.

Definitely not the most steamy scene but what’s important is the final result that the audience is able to see on the show!

And what’s even more important is keeping everyone on set safe from the dangerous virus that has taken over the word this year.

In the caption, Apa wrote: ‘our new normal is washing our mouths before every take of a make-out scene….’