KUWTK: Kim Kardashian Going Through A ‘Really Tough Time’ Amid Husband Kanye West’s ‘Embarrassing’ Social Media Rants – Here’s Why!

Kanye West continues to go on the most insane Twitter rants while the whole world watches in shock and bewilderment! Everyone has their eyes on the rapper to see what else he has to say and that is really embarrassing for his wife, Kim Kardashian.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star actually feels ‘very stuck’ as she can do nothing to ‘control’ Kanye amid his Twitter storm.

In other words, according to an insider for HollywoodLife, it’s been a ‘really tough time’ for Kim Kardashian because of what Kanye has been saying and doing lately.

It must, indeed, be really difficult to have the world watch her marriage unravel.

The source dished that: ‘This is a very tough time for Kim. She feels really stuck right now because the whole world’s watching her relationship with Kanye play out. She hates it has to happen publicly and has tried everything to get him the help and to stay off of social media, but she cannot control him. It’s really sad and embarrassing and the entire family what’s happening. Kim wants Kanye to take better care of himself, but she cannot make him.’

They went on to stress that ‘She truly loves Kanye, but you can see it’s taking a toll on her. Half the time he won’t answer the phone and she doesn’t know where he is, so she worries.’

Despite all the things she’s going through because of Kanye, Kim has shown him her full support online, even after he told the world about them almost aborting daughter North or that he wanted to divorce her after meeting with Meek Mill, meant to discuss the prison reform she’s been fighting for.

‘She feels she’s tried everything to intervene,’ the insider mentioned, adding that she’s thankful that, at least the kids are young enough not to understand what is going on with their father.