Kylie Jenner Is Accused Of Acting Unhygienically While Developing New Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner was one of the most talked-about sisters on the well-liked TV network just a few years ago. Fans praised the younger sister of the supermodel for having an entrepreneurial flair.

But after having two children, she essentially vanished from view. The girl’s reputation was negatively impacted by a number of controversies, including a prominent incident at the concert of her lover Travis Scott.

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But Kylie herself doesn’t seem very concerned about her popularity’s waning. She is currently still actively working on her beauty brand’s items. Jenner even visited the production the other day to show the fans some of the technical specifics. She also didn’t anticipate that this would cause yet another scandal.

On her blog, Kylie shared a collection of images in which she posed while donning the white robe that is required for such events. Jenner did not wear a hair cap or deny gloves, though, at the same time.

Some Internet users asked in the comments, “Is this a new fashion-care product with Kylie’s hair inside?” “I could put on a hat; hygienic standards didn’t seem to be invented for her,” and “Somehow, I became weary of buying these cosmetics.”

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Many of her fans expressed concern that her long, dark hair would show through the makeup she was “making.” Additionally, while handling various materials, Jenner lacked gloves.

The makeup expert continued, “Folks, this is not how we produce cosmetics and misrepresents how our industry works,” in a longer comment on his own page. To keep you safe, reliable manufacturers adhere to strict sanitary standards.


Kevin James Bennett, an Emmy-winning makeup artist and cosmetics creator reiterated the criticisms before criticizing Jenner for “gaslighting [her] followers.” According to his post on her page, “Working with cosmetic manufacturers (and their labs) is part of my job.” I have really short hair, and I have never been permitted into the lab without a hair net. And glasses.