Lady Gaga Discloses She Was On The Verge Of Retiring Because Of Illness

Eight years after her last significant solo performance in the city, the megastar, who has had six No. 1s in the British charts, made a spectacular comeback at two gigs at London’s Tottenham Stadium.

But after being forced to cancel her UK tour in 2018 due to fibromyalgia discomfort, the singer feared the end of her career.

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Lady Gaga canceled ten live performances on her European tour in 2018 due to health issues. The actress was identified with fibromyalgia, a disease characterized by musculoskeletal pain, tiredness, take naps, memory, and mood issues.

At a recent London concert, the singer conceded that the suffering she felt after trying to fight the disease made her believe her professional life was in jeopardy.

“A few years ago, I had to stop performing here because I couldn’t walk anymore.” And I’m truly sorry. But it occurred because of someone very special, and there are many people I owe thanks to in my life,” the singer revealed. Lady Gaga stated that when she left London at the time, she had no idea if she would ever return to the stage.

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“My sister came into my hotel room, started to look into my eyes, and said, ‘I can’t see my sister anymore,'” the artist explained.

The singer also revealed that she was in a tough emotional situation while working on the Chromatica album.

“I spent all day on the porch, from the moment I woke up, making this record, and I probably started smoking three packs of cigarettes a day,” she explained.

Gaga went on to say that she didn’t want to make an album because she was “depressing as hell” at the time, but her friends persuaded her to do so.


The star overcame the disease and now delights fans worldwide with her grandiose bright shows.