Leaked Reports Indicate Pentagon Had Photographic Evidence Of UFO’s As Far Back As 2018

In a year where the ongoing pandemic overshadows, well, everything, the news that a leaked report from the Pentagon goes into detail and mentions what is being termed “unidentified” UFOs.

Two reports allegedly classified from the Pentagon, detailing what appears to be UFOs, have been leaked. The details were published by TheDeBrief.org, of reports from 2018 and as current as last summer. The pieces were produced by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force conducted by the Pentagon.

Information contained within the reports confirms that the UAP task force is currently considering that the unidentified objects could possibly be operated by “intelligence of unknown origin.”

The 2018 report also detailed various details of the military’s previous encounters with what appeared to be confirmed UFOs. Also included in the report was an until now unreleased photograph of “aerial phenomena” categorized as being “unidentified.”

The photo, still being termed as alleged, was captured by a pilot’s personal cell phone from inside the cockpit of his F/A-18 fighter jet. The picture clearly shows a cube-shaped silver unidentified object, reported by the pilot as hovering and completely motionless when the military pilots first encountered it.

Three different US officials state that, based on the photo the pilot took, the unidentified object was about 1000 feet from the jet and at an altitude of 30,000 to 35,000 feet. This particular photo was reported to have been captured off the East Coast of the US in 2018.

The report included a “list” of possible sources for the encountered airborne phenomenon, one of which confirmed the UAP to be of “alien” or even “non-human” origins was a legitimate and possible consideration.

The most shocking and disturbing information included in the 2020 report was that sources chose to describe the “extremely clear” photo as that of an unidentified triangular-shaped aircraft.

There is also the fact that the report from 2018, as well as that of the most recent in 2020, have been circulated widely among the defense community.

In August, the Pentagon announced it had launched a new task force to “detect, analyze, and catalog unidentified aerial phenomena or UFOs that could potentially pose a threat to US national security.”

Has the government finally admitted to the possibility of UFOs?