Lindsey Vonn Says Whenever Someone Tells Her She Can’t Do Something – She’s Determined To Prove Them Wrong

According to the ex-Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn, whenever someone tells her she isn’t capable of doing something, she feels the need to prove them wrong. The former Olympic athlete says she has a “switch” that goes off in her mind.

During a conversation with Angela Duckworth and Gail Grimmett, Lindsey explained how whenever someone told her she couldn’t do something in her life, it immediately catapulted her “determination and drive” onto a whole other level.

According to Vonn, she always had that drive inside of her, especially when someone told her it wasn’t possible. Vonn says people have been telling her how to do things properly since she was 7-years-old, and she now has a switch in her where she goes into “full work mode.”

And while she certainly had a prosperous career, Vonn says she has realized that one can’t base their happiness on what they do for a living. The star went on to say that it wasn’t “all life has to offer.” In recent news, Vonn and her boyfriend got engaged. And fans of Vonn know she is a believer in gender equality.

Vonn was in the headlines after it was reported she had given her fiancé, P.K. Subban, a ring. However, not everyone in the entertainment industry was here for it, including the daytime television show host, Wendy Williams.

The host described herself as a “traditional woman” in that regard. Reportedly, Vonn had gifted her fiancé with a ring on Christmas day after he proposed to her. Vonn thought it was only right to return the favor.

On her show, Wendy stood up before the crowd and explained how there was no way women should do that. The star said she wanted equal pay and many other things, however, she “can’t stand a period and the menopause,” which are all experiences men don’t endure.

Wendy said to her crowd that she was more of a traditionalist when it comes to certain things, especially marriage, and she turned to her audience for their opinions. Crowd members mostly gave mixed responses.