Long-delayed ‘Super Meat Boy Forever’ arrives on PC December 23rd

Like other games with “Forever” in the name, Super Meat Boy Forever has been in development purgatory — we first got to try it in 2014, and even a 2019 delay proved wildly optimistic. It’s nearly here at last, though. Team Meat has confirmed that its extra-challenging platformer will be available on Windows PCs through the Epic Games Store on December 23rd. There’s no mention of release dates for other platforms, although that’s more a question of “when” than “if.”

The extended development came in part from a shift in focus. Forever was originally meant to be an endless platformer, but was reworked into an honest-to-goodness sequel in 2017. The plot and basic game mechanics have been familiar since then. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl set out on a quest to rescue their child Nugget from the clutches of Dr. Fetus, and you’ll have to navigate through a “brutal” world full of saws, salt and other meat-hostile hazards.