Loni Love Deletes Tweet About Gender Of Nicki Minaj’s Baby

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty recently announced they have given birth to their first child. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Nicki’s team hasn’t said much about the news, but everyone knows the rumors have been confirmed.

Despite the fact Kenneth Petty is far from being popular among her fans and cohorts in the entertainment industry, people have been very supportive of her thus far. As most know, Petty isn’t a fan-favorite due to his history with violent crime among other transgressions.

Either way, people were willing to put their negative opinions of him aside and congratulate the couple. For instance, Loni Love was just one person who shouted out to Nicki amid the good news.

However, Love later had to come out and say she “misspoke” in her first message. On the 1st of October, Love took to her Twitter account to congratulate Nicki and Kenneth for having their first baby girl together.

Fans of Love started to retweet the message, including the supposed truth that it was a baby girl, so The Real co-host quickly backtracked on her remarks. “I deleted my first tweet about Nicki Minaj,” Love wrote on her account, before going on to say that she assumed she had a baby girl but really she didn’t know.

Thus far, it’s not clear what gender the baby is, but fans will likely know very soon. As most know, this wouldn’t be the first time pregnancy was in the news this week. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend announced in recent news that they lost their baby boy due to a miscarriage.

Fans and followers have been paying tribute to Teigen and her husband ever since the news hit the press. Teigen announced what happened with an Instagram post of herself sitting in the hospital bed.

Many of the star’s friends have been paying tribute to her on social media ever since, including Terry Crews, who was put on blast, however, for discussing he and his wife’s own experiences with a miscarriage. Fans accused him of making it all about him.