Louis Tomlinson Reacts To Zayn Malik’s Post About Becoming A Dad And Fans Can’t Contain Their Feels!

Despite their drama in recent years, it appears that Louis Tomlinson could not help but congratulate former One Direction bandmate, Zayn Malik after the latter confirmed his baby girl with supermodel Gigi Hadid is here. After all, he is also a dad and was excited for Zayn starting this new chapter in his life.

That being said, after Zayn took to his go-to social media platform to share the great news and his feelings about it, even posting a pic featuring the baby girl’s hand in his, Louis Tomlinson proceeded to leave a like on the post.

Fans were obviously excited to see this since the two singers have been having beef for years over Zayn’s exit from the boy band, prior to the rest of them also deciding together to go on an indefinite hiatus about a year after.

In the meantime, Zayn has dissed the members, their songs and even pretty much their time together as a unit during various interviews and posts, something the other guys in One Direction did not appreciate.

Louis Tomlinson has arguably been one of the most vocal members when it comes to the feud with Zayn.

But upon learning about Zayn also becoming a father, Louis put their differences aside and expressed joy over the news by liking the sweet post Zayn shared with his fans to confirm the birth.

Diehard fans of the band which celebrated its 10 year anniversary not too long ago, noticed this and were quick to gush over it!

Here are some of the reactions: ‘Louis Liked Zayn’s post…My Zouis heart will just never be same again.’ / ‘I cannot stop crying Louis liked Zayn’s post on ig! I want to know if he texted Zayn saying congrats.’ / ‘remember when zayn liked a tweet about louis and freddie and now louis liked zayn’s post about him becoming a dad that’s so precious.’