M1 is the first Apple Silicon chip for the Mac

After years of anticipation and a tease at WWDC 2020, Apple’s first ARM-based Mac processor is here. The 5nm M1 system-on-a-chip (SoC) features an 8-core CPU, which the company claims delivers the best performance-per-watt of any processor on the market, and up to 8 GPU cores. Those CPUs cores are divided up into high-performance and efficiency cores. To put that design in context, the company’s current A14 Soc features a six-core design with only high-performance cores at its disposal. But much like the A14, M1 includes a 16-core Neural Engine that can complete 11 trillion operations per second.

The company says M1 can deliver up to two times the performance of a traditional PC chip within the thermal envelope of a MacBook Air. When it comes to graphics, Apple claims M1 delivers the best performance of any integrated GPU on the market.