Madina Milana Does Explosive Interview Accusing Nene Leakes Of Flirting With Rick Ross, French Montana, And Women

Wendy Williams’ best friend of 20 years recently made headlines for making some wild accusations about Nene Leakes. It turns out that she wasn’t finished yet.

Madina first told Nene to stop slandering Wendy because she has the tea on who Nene really is. She went on to say that Leakes used her to get close to Wendy again.

However, the most shocking revelation she made was that the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum allowed rapper French Montana to touch her inappropriately.

Her rant went viral and Nene responded with a joke of her looking in her purse and saying that she’s searching for the cat French Montana snatched.

Last night, Youtuber Tasha K dropped an interview where she went more into detail.

Madina claimed that this happened when they were all in a car headed to an event. She said that although she didn’t stare, she feels that Nene initiated the moment.

However, when they got to their destination — French Montana ditched her for some other beautiful women that were waiting for him at the location.

She went on to say that the reality star tried to push up on rapper Rick Ross too.

Her last revelation was that when they went to the strip club, Leakes was very overzealous when it came to touching the female dancers and alluded that she likes women too.

This all stemmed from a Youtube video that the Swagg Boutique owner released where she said that Wendy was not her friend in response to her Watch What Happens Live interview.

‘I don’t have a friend that knows what I have been going through lately that would do this kind of thing to me. I don’t have that friend that is around me. She does Andy Cohen’s show and here she sits speaking negatively of my exit and bringing my family into the equation. Now that’s what you not gonna do, Wendy.’

What do you think of these allegations?