Make professional presentations in a fraction of the time

Kroma makes it easier than ever to create stunning presentations, as well as infographics, proposals and other data visualizations, from thousands of expertly created and curated templates. In other words, for the price of a single asset in one presentation, this Kroma lifetime membership gives you unlimited access to a collection of professionally designed templates that allow you to plug in your content, logo and brand colors easily. This plug and pitch approach has even won the trust of major technology companies in recent years, including Samsung, IBM and AT&T.

Suppose you connect with an investor, and they want you to make your pitch before the end of the week. Rather than miss the opportunity or deliver a half-baked presentation, you can quickly plug in your content and add your logo plus brand colors in a fraction of the time. The speed and ease with which you can create new presentations, infographics, data visualizations and the like means you always present a professional, on-brand deck to the interested party. It also gives you plenty of time to practice your pitch and deliver it with the confidence needed to win over the key decision-makers and stakeholders in the room — no matter if the meeting is digital or physical.

A professionally designed, on-brand presentation, proposal, infographic or data visualization should always strengthen existing business relationships or open the door to new ones rather than drain your precious resources. A Kroma Pro Plan: Lifetime Membership, typically $499, is on sale for $50 or 89% off for a limited time only.

Prices subject to change.

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