Marvel’s Avengers next-gen console update won’t arrive until 2021

The studio is also pushing back the rollout of the first post-launch hero, Kate Bishop. She was supposed to make her bow later this month. The delay doesn’t seem too extensive, thankfully, but there’s no specific date for her arrival. “We’re sorry for this slight delay, but we are dedicated as a team to quality first,” Amos wrote.

Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) will soon join the lineup too, while Spider-Man is supposed to land on the PlayStation versions of Marvel’s Avengers early next year. The studio plans to reveal more about the future of the game next month.

Amos gave some indication of what’s on the way in the near future, including a ping system that will let you instruct AI teammates to smash through doors or target certain enemies. There will also be an option to replay the campaign with your characters’ level and loadouts intact.

Crystal Dynamics has added more late-game content in recent weeks, including new types of missions. Soon, you can try your hand at limited-time multiplayer challenges as well. The first Omega-Level Threat mission will reward you with an exotic drop the first time you complete it.

Amos acknowledged the game has had some difficulties, though said the developers have resolved “several systemic issues that were creating a number of game crashes or freezes” over the last several weeks. The studio is working with NVIDIA to fix some PC performance issues too. As a thank you for toughing things out, Crystal Dynamics is giving players a bundle of digital goodies, including enough credits to buy a legendary skin of their choice from the marketplace.