Matthew McConaughey Would Do A Sequel For THIS Highly Acclaimed Romantic-Comedy Movie!

Matthew McConaughey used to be well known for his many romantic-comedy roles and by 2010, he had definitely come to dominate the genre! However, that same year, he completely gave it up in favor of doing more action-based movies.

After that, the actor never looked back, not even upon being offered a pretty massive $14.5 million paycheck!

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But now, years later, does Matthew McConaughey have any regrets he did not take it?

During his interview with Daily Pop, the Hollywood star stressed that ‘No, I never regretted that. That was during a two-year hiatus I was taking from the romantic comedies that I’d been doing and the action-adventures I had been doing.’

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He went on to also tell E! co-host Carissa Culiner that ‘I was very clear…look, intellectually, that was a hard one to say ‘no’ to. Just looking at that sheer number—are you kidding me? Wow. But I knew I needed to remain on my sabbatical from the films I had been doing for my own soul. And so, no, I never regretted it. But boy, saying ‘no’ to that really solidified my stance for myself. I was like, okay, I’m not breaking now.’

McConaughey shared that after he refused that significant paycheck, Hollywood finally heard him loud and clear and for more than a year after, there were no other offers for him.

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In the end, it all worked out in his favor, however.

The beloved actor went on to star in some well-acclaimed productions, including Dallas Buyers Club, which earned him an Oscar!

At the same time, when asked if he would reprise his role in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days again for a sequel, the man did not totally reject the idea.

‘Possibly. I mean, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is teed up, you know, teed up for one that you could easily do a sequel. And that was a really good one. As far as romantic comedies go, that was a really good one. And it lasts! People still love that one. I enjoyed that one quite a bit,’ he shared.