Matthew Perry Is Still Recuperating From His Gastrointestinal Operation

Two years ago, Matthew Perry went under the knife for gastrointestinal surgery, and Page Six says the actor is still recuperating from it to this day. During a conversation with People Magazine in recent news, the star’s stepfather reflected on the 51-year-old Friends alum’s recent health troubles.

Keith Morris said to the publication that he and the rest of the family were able to stick by him during his surgery, which he described as “good for everybody.” Keith explained how “awful” it is when people have serious health problems and the family wonders if they’ll get through it.

Morrison went on to say that it has brought the “whole family closer,” and they’ve done everything to be there for him. Reportedly, Perry had to get surgery for a gastrointestinal perforation, which is commonly caused by drug and alcohol abuse.

As most know, Perry has been very honest about his struggles with substance abuse in the past. Perry has admitted to abusing drugs like cocaine nearly every day while filming the popular television show.

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These days, fans are getting ready for the Friends reunion that was announced on HBO Max. Initially, it was supposed to come out this year, but Perry and the rest of the cast and crew had to postpone it on account of the coronavirus pandemic.

Regarding the actor’s substance abuse problems, the Friends star has been in and out of rehabilitation facilities over the years, however, in the recent past, sources have claimed he has relied on his 28-year-old girlfriend, Molly Hurwitz, for support.

Even though there is a large age gap between the couple, Us Magazine recently reported they are doing very well. A source who spoke with the outlet in March 2020, claimed Molly has had a profound impact on Matthew’s life.

The source touched on how Molly’s effect him has been so positive that he’s now in the best place he’s ever been in. The insider went on to say that friends and family hardly even recognize him because he has a “spring in his step” that wasn’t there before.