Meghan King Edmonds Has COVID-19 After Feeling Extreme Lethargy

Just months after her ex-husband tested positive for the virus, Meghan King Edmonds has been diagnosed with COVID-19. It seems that she had been safe most of the time but the one time she let her guard down — she caught the respiratory illness.

The mother of three young children took to social media to tell the story of how she found out about her diagnosis. She also asked if her followers had any questions.

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‘I tested positive for COVID. I have been safe while traveling but I had an exchange on Tuesday where I did not protect myself and this is when I had been infected. I have been safe with distancing and masks since Tuesday, including when I went to dinner solo and stayed distant and wore a mask at Hayes’s soccer. My kids have been at their father’s but Hayes will quarantine due to a brief (1 hour) proximity to me. My kids have been at their father’s but Hayes will quarantine due to a brief (1 hour) proximity to me.’

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The former Real Housewives of Orange County star explained that she was feeling extreme lethargy when she went to get tested. At that point — she knew her test would come out positive.

Some of her other symptoms include sneezing, a mild cough, and diarrhea. At first she thought it was a cold onset by stress that could have affected her immune system.

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When asked why she continued to go places after she started showing symptoms, she explained that that wasn’t the case.

‘The millisecond I thought I could have something other than a cold I went and got tested. I would NEVER go out in public whilst even believing in the slightest I could have Covid.’

This comes after Jim Edmonds tested positive for the scary virus in April.