Microsoft Edge adds an online shopping comparison tool

The other significant new feature making its way to Edge this month is a tool for taking a screenshot of an entire webpage. If you own an Android phone like an OnePlus 8 Pro, chances are you already have a good idea of how this tool will work. Click on the relevant menu option and Edge will automatically scroll down the page so you can capture what you want. The Verge’s Tom Warren says a future release of Edge will allow you to mark up any screenshots you take with this feature using your stylus.

Edge Screenshot Tool


Some of the other enhancements Microsoft is adding to Edge this month include the ability to customize new tab pages with your own photos. Pinterest users will be happy to find out they’ll soon have the ability to export any websites, images and text they’ve saved to an Edge Collections to boards on Pinterest. Speaking of Collections, Microsoft said it’s working on letting users export them to email. The company also hopes to roll out tab and history syncing sometime later this fall.

If you aren’t already using Edge as your daily web browser, the enhancements Microsoft announced today probably won’t get you to switch. But frequent users will likely appreciate the changes. And there are more Edge users than you might think. In April, Edge passed Firefox to become the second most popular desktop web browser.