Microsoft’s cute Surface Laptop Go has a 12.6-inch screen, starts at $549

You won’t find a Windows Hello camera on the Laptop Go — a surprise since that’s been a key feature on every Surface model over the least few years, even the budget-friendly Go 2. Instead, you can opt for a model with a fingerprint sensor on the power button. Given the lower starting price, and the fact that Microsoft was able to shave off some screen bezel with a smaller camera, I won’t miss the Windows Hello camera too much.

Surprisingly enough, the only other Surface device Microsoft announced today is the revamped Surface Pro X, a sequel to last year’s disastrous Windows on Arm laptop. You’ll likely have to wait until next year for updates across the standard Surface lineup. I’m not too disappointed though. All of Microsoft’s other PCs are still worthy machines, and it’s also filling a potential hole in its lineup with a smaller Surface Laptop model.

You can pre-order the Surface Laptop Go today, and it’ll be available in stores on October 13th.