Nacon’s new mobile controllers are built for Microsoft xCloud gaming

Nacon is announcing a new series of Xbox controllers specifically targeted toward players using xCloud. The MG-X series of handsets come with official Xbox branding, and have adjustable stands to hold an Android phone for cloud gaming. Toting a split-handset design, the controllers can stretch as far as 6.7-inches to hold your mobile device, with a rechargeable battery rated for 20 hours of play.

Naturally, third-party controllers are ten a penny, as are split-handset cases for mobile gaming in the style of Razer’s Kishi and Samsung’s romantically-named Glap. The difference here is the official Xbox livery, which is probably the first toting a split-handset design. Other “official” Xbox handsets, including 8BitDo’s SN30 and PowerA’s MOGA XP5-X, use the flip-out stand instead.