NeNe Leakes Accused Of Sleeping With French Montana By Madina Malina Amid Wendy Williams Feud

NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams are fighting and no one is really sure what’s going on between them., at least until recently. Previously, Leakes put Wendy on blast for being on cocaine, and ever since then, the pair of women haven’t been getting along well.

Hot New Hip Hop says that Madina Malina, from Growing Up Hip Hop, has been standing in Williams’ corner after she posted a video explaining what supposedly went down between Leakes and Montana. Madina went on to suggest that she and the rapper have been fooling around.

Madina says NeNe “snuck her way back into Wendy’s life,” and then she went on to claim that NeNe, a married woman, was letting French Montana “touch all on (her) snatch.”

The reality star emphasized, “that’s right,” she was “all up under” French Montana. It looks like Madina must have more information up her sleeve because she told her to hold back from talking about Wendy Williams. She said there would be more “stuff aired out.”

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As for why NeNe and Wendy Williams aren’t friends, Leakes took to her YouTube channel yesterday to reveal why. Leakes insinuated on her channel that once she announced her departure from Real Housewives of Atlanta, Wendy began questioning her family life and it really bothered her.

Leakes says the last little while has been tough on her because she doesn’t have a friend who knows what she is going through. The reality star then turned her attention to Andy Cohen, saying she wasn’t a big fan of him either.

NeNe surprisingly claimed she was “forced out of the franchise,” and with that being the case, she asked why they insist on continuing to speak with her. “You’ve been forcing me out for the last four years,” Leakes explained.

As it was previously reported, Leakes announced her departure from Real Housewives of Atlanta earlier in the year after months of rumors. Before she officially announced her exit, someone in her team leaked a statement saying she was on her way out, which Leakes addressed. She said it wasn’t true and would tell fans herself if there was big news.