NeNe Leakes Reveals She Was Forced Out Of ‘RHOA’ And Teases She Can’t Wait To Tell Her Truth!

It sounds like there is a lot fans do not really know about NeNe Leakes’ exit from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The reality TV star suggested that Bravo, the network, actually ‘forced’ her out of the show, instead of her leaving on her own accord as it was initially believed.

That’s right! NeNe stressed that she was ‘definitely’ forced out of RHOA by Bravo and that she ‘can’t wait to tell [her] truths’ but that was all for now!

It seems like NeNe is not revealing everything for the time being as she is most likely preparing a more detailed and official expose about what happened behind the scenes of her departure from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

As for her teaser that she has a lot to say soon, she shared this on Twitter over the weekend, making fans anxious to know more.

This comes after her announcement earlier this month, that she had decided to leave the show.

Now, her reveal that she might have not exited RHOA willingly came when one fan wondered if Bravo will get her a spin-off now that she’s left the cast.

In response, NeNe wrote: ‘They don’t think i deserve to work at all in any compactly [sic].’

Then, another fan asked: ‘@NeNeLeakes that’s Maliki [sic] it sound like they forced you out! Is that the story you want out there. ‘They didn’t want u to work in any capacity?’’ prompting NeNe to confirm that was exactly what happened, tweeting back: ‘They definitely did.’

On Saturday, NeNe Leakes also added that ‘@Andy said he respected Teddi for telling the truth about her exit. Well i can’t wait to tell my truths. Raising hands i hope i get just as much respect,’ teasing that she has a lot more to say about her exit and that the Bravo boss might not like it.