Nikki Bella And Artem Chigvinstsev Were Not Ready For Parenthood For This Reason

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev can’t stop gushing over their beautiful baby boy. The parents were thrust into parenthood in more than one way and didn’t have time to prepare.

Anyone who watches Total Bellas knows that Artem and Nikki’s relationship started off slow and then accelerated at high speed.

The Bella twin wasn’t even sure that she wanted to marry the Dancing With the Stars choreographer when she became pregnant with her baby boy. It was quite the surprise considering that she thought she would need to do IVF to conceive.

Once she basked in the joy of expecting a child, the COVID-19 pandemic took the entire world by storm.

‘We were supposed to take classes and stuff, but because of [the coronavirus pandemic], we couldn’t,’ Chigvinstsev explained to Extra.

‘We’re not as prepared as we wanted to be.’

When his DWTS partner said that Nikki went into ‘mom mode,’ he agreed.

‘It does exist. She is such a trooper. She has to wake up to feed him. When I get home, I try to be as much help as I can… She’s an amazing mom.’

Between not having the proper preparation beforehand o not having their bags packed the day Nikki went into labor — the former WWE star is definitely a supermom.

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Not only is she adjusting to motherhood but she’s being honest about her journey with her fans.

‘I’ve been getting judged outside the home. It’s been great,’ she said on her Bellas podcast in response to the nasty comments she got about sleep training her newborn.

‘I don’t know if people thought I was sleep-training [him] like a toddler but no, there’s sleep-training for newborns. It’s probably what everyone does already, ‘ she explained.

No matter how unprepared the couple was and the challenges they face by being apart because of Artem’s job, it’s clear that the joy of parenting is worth it all.