Olivia Newton-John To Auction Off Over 300 Personal And Career-Related Items  But This One ‘Grease’ Piece She’ll Never Sell!

Fans of Olivia Newton-John are certainly looking forward to maybe getting some original items from her long and successful career since the actress has decided to auction some of them off for a great cause. More precisely, she is currently raising money for people suffering from cancer.

However, while she is selling most of what she has from movie sets and more, it turns out that there is one thing Olivia Newton-John will not be parting with and it is from the movie Grease!

Here’s what the actress told HollywoodLife that she will definitely be keeping for herself!

Julien’s Auctions’ Property From Olivia Newton-John Online Only Auction is set to start on November 9 and fans will be able to bid for more than 300 items that are either personal or career-related.

The proceeds will then go to the Olivia Newton-John Foundation to help people battling cancer.

Asked if she will keep any one piece from Grease for herself or even pass it down to her daughter, Chloe Rose, the actress was quick to reveal that ‘I have a jacket. So, you never know. [My daughter] might get that.’

But even without that jacket, fans are definitely going to manage similar looks to the character for this upcoming Halloween night as well!

Speaking of, when asked how she felt about the fact that 42 years after the movie came out, people are still dressing up like her and John Travolta’s characters on Halloween, Olivia shared that ‘I think it’s hilarious. I get pictures every year from Halloween of people who’ve dressed up as me. It’s lovely. It’s so amazing that this movie that’s 40 years old is still beloved so much that people would want to do that. I think it’s fantastic. I feel very lucky to be a part of a movie that’s so loved.’