Over The Weekend, Angelina Jolie Enjoyed Dancing With Her Daughter Zahara

As for a mother, Angelina Jolie experienced a very happy and thrilling event recently when her daughter Zahara , 17, enrolled at Atlanta’s Spelman College, a college for African-American women.

For Jolie, this implies that yet another of her children will leave her father’s home in addition to the fact that attending this esteemed and illustrious university is a wonderful luxury (the eldest son of actress Maddox is studying in South Korea).

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The actress and her daughter went to a function in Los Angeles the day before for alumni of Spelman and Morehouse universities. The leader of the latter posted a video on Tiktok in which the celebrity was shown learning the electric slide dance from previous pupils.

Jolie hurried to give Zahara a hug after making an attempt to imitate the moves. Shiloh, who is learning to dance professionally and is advancing in this sector, feels most confident in the art of dance in this family at this point. Despite the fact that Jolie’s dance attempt was unsuccessful, the network noticed that she was pleasant and seemed to be enjoying the scene.

“I admire this woman because she never plays in public,” “Angelina, despite being a Hollywood star, behaves on an equal level with everyone,” and “I enjoy the way she raises all of her adopted children in line with their culture, which is essential.” She is incredible, says online user.

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In a previous post, In the midst of a contentious custody dispute for their children, Brad and Angelina divorced six years ago, and three years later, he was officially pronounced single.

A source informed People on Wednesday that Brad has been dating a new woman but is not engaged in a “serious” relationship.


The insider claimed of the Hollywood legend, who was previously married to Friends actress Jennifer Aniston and engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow, “He’s dating, but is not in a serious relationship.”