People Clap Back At Chance The Rapper After He Says To “Ask Your Mom Who To Vote For”

Elections are getting closer and American citizens will have to choose their next president. In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, the most important issues have been the pandemic, the U.S. economy, women’s rights, and many others.

Chance the Rapper didn’t exactly think it through before writing a couple of Tweets on September 22, and now he’s made a lot of followers and fans angry. Here’s what he recommended them, and why.

“Ask your mom who to vote for. Vote for who she say,” tweeted the rapper on Tuesday.

We all know Chance supports Kanye West as president. However, people on Twitter weren’t happy about his recent recommendations.

He then added: “Ya mama been thru alot. Ask them and trust them.” The Chicago artist read through the replies and added: “Yall worried bout everybody else mama, I said yo mama.”

However, a lot of people explained in their replies to the rapper why he’s wrong. Most of them pointed out that their moms’ political views were very different.

Others explained that votes will always be affected by the people’s religion, race, and location. The biggest reaction was that people should do their own research about politics and the presidential candidates, and not follow someone’s directions. Here’s some of their tweets:

“Man said make sure your mama signed your permission slip for the field trip to the polls on november 3rd.”

“Do research, educate yourself, vote for a candidates that most closely aligns with what you believe. I said MOST closely, don’t forget politicians are politicians and until we break and rebuild the system, this is what we got.”

“Nah, we should be encouraging people to read up on candidates & issues and make their own decisions. If we vote the same way our parents did/ do, we get the same things they get/ have gotten. I don’t know about you, but my parents want better for me.”