Phaedra Parks Continues To Ask For Justice For Breonna Taylor

Phaedra Parks continues to mention the name of Breonna Taylor on her social media account. Phaedra keeps asking for justice. Check out her recent post.

‘Where do you stand? #Justice for #BreonnaTaylor, ✊🏾’ she asked her fans.

Someone said: ‘According to evidence revealed at a press conference by AG Daniel Cameron, the police executed a search warrant by first knocking on the door. Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker refused to answer the door after the police loudly identified themselves. Following the procedure, the police broke down the door. Kenneth Walker had a gun and started shooting at the police. He shot first. That’s important to remember. The police fired back in self-defense, and that’s how Breonna Taylor was shot and killed.’

A commenter posted this message: ‘Do your research first. People tried to act like they went in there for no reason and killed the girl.. ridiculous!’

One follower wrote: ‘Why is anyone surprised about the outcome??? We knew there wouldn’t be any consequences😩’

A fan said: ‘When will the boycotting begin? Green is the only color they understand. #BLM Hit then where it hurts.’

One other commenter posted this message: ‘So sad that her boyfriend would put her in such a situation. Why the hell would you shoot at cops and not expect shots fired back? That is mind-blowing that people dont get that.’

A commenter wrote: ‘The fact that people still try to find a way to blame her or her boyfriend is sicking! You dont think her family isn’t traumatized enough! They do this every time when a person of color dies, but when its the other way around and it’s not a person of color, they are a stand-up citizen. If you have that to say, why are you even on this page! Step outside your white world and realize our world is not yours! Black Lives Matter ✊🏿’

In other news, Phaedra Parks shared a throwback photo of the times when life was much simpler.