Photoshop for Apple’s M1 Macs is available in beta

The reviews are in and they’re almost unanimous: Apple’s new M1 chip is blazing fast, but it’s going to take a while before the apps people depend on to do their work are optimized to take advantage of the new architecture. Case and point: Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, which you can currently only use through Apple’s Rosetta 2 emulator, leading to a less than ideal experience. But the good news is that Adobe has released the first beta release of Photoshop for Apple Silicon.

And when Adobe says beta, it means beta. You won’t find some of the software’s most useful features, including content aware fill and photomerge, in this first release. Moreover, Adobe warns other features, such as subject select, may be buggy or slow to work. Oh, you also won’t be able to open all file formats.