PlayStation CEO thinks VR’s bright future is still years away

Sony offering PSVR owners a free camera adapter to use with the PS5 pretty much tells you that the company has no plans to release a new virtual reality headset anytime soon. Now, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has confirmed to The Washington Post in an interview that there “won’t be any immediate leaps forward” from the company when it comes to virtual reality. He didn’t talk about hardware in particular, but based on what he said, it’s unclear when we’ll see the next-gen PSVR.

That doesn’t mean PlayStation is stepping back from virtual reality. Ryan told the publication that the company believes VR will “represent a meaningful component of interactive entertainment,” though it probably won’t happen anytime soon. He also said that the company is looking forward to seeing where the lessons it learned from PSVR will take it, ensuring PlayStation’s continued investment in virtual reality. He said: