Porsha Williams Asks Fans To Vote – See Her Message

Porsha Williams shared a message on her social media account in which she is asking fans to register to vote. Check out her post below.

‘For months, I have been on the front lines to bring awareness to the racial injustice in the American system. Just the other night, the world witnessed the President of the United States refuse to condemn white supremacy, police violence in black/brown communities, and anti-semitism. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO NOT VOTE,’ Porsha began her caption.

She continued and said: ‘We will continue marching in the streets, but on November 3 March to the polls. In 2018 many Georgians were purged from the voter rolls! Check your status, register to vote today, and make a plan to vote by visiting ATLVoter.com (site powered by @Risefreeorg). WE WILL BE HEARD!’

Someone commented: ‘Common Atlanta – Georgia, we counting on you! From your friends in CO.’

Another follower posted this: ‘Yes! Mine is already in the ballot box!! Let’s go guys, let’s go!!!!’

A fan said: ‘our us deserve care more than African Americans and white American death to America and black peoples and white peoples Antifa continues to destroy USA if Biden win, many countries will boycott the USA if u have a problem, go fight with Russia this idea Russia idea Russia has a nuclear ☢️’

In other news, Porsha Williams is offering her gratitude to fans in a recent video that she shared on her socialmedia account. Check it out below.

‘(VOTE Link in my bio)Thank y’all for nominating this Lil black girl from Decaturrrrr (( The Reality Star of 2020 People Choice Awards) 🎉 If I win ima put on for my city 😛😅! Thank you, @peopleschoice love, you guys I’ll see you there to get my award lol 😘🥳 Thank you to all my supporters. We have been riding a long time, and either way, it swings; I love you long time! VOTE NOW !’ Porsha captioned her post.

Porsha is living her best life these days with her family.