Poundside Pop Suggests Meek Mill Tried To Offer Him A Terrible Contract Amid His ‘End Beef’ Record Deal Proposal

Meek Mill loves to represent his home city, Philadelphia, even though some rappers in the area have shown that they weren’t pleased with him. In case you missed it, a rapper in the Northern part of Philadelphia claimed Meek wasn’t allowed to come around the area anymore after he offered a record contract in exchange for gangs to crush their feuds.

Reportedly, Poundside Pop was easily one of the biggest critics of Meek Mill, who ordered the rapper to pick a side. During a conversation with Vlad TV, Poundside Pop claimed that he and Meek actually did have a chat about a deal.

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However, Poundside Pop claims Meek Mill offered him a deal that was inadequate. He says not long after “OSS” came out, they began a relationship but it didn’t end the way he wanted. Poundside Pop says “you gotta come correct when you trying to sign somebody.”

According to Poundside Pop, they offered him just a $10,000 deal, and he thought to himself, “what the f*ck.” The rapper went on to say that he was living out in Los Angeles, and $10,000 would hardly pay the rent in that area.

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After he said no to the deal, Meek Mill supposedly sent someone else to offer him $20,000, but he claimed he couldn’t do that either because after taxes it would almost be $10,000 anyway.

According to Poundside Pop, $20,000 wasn’t enough to do anything with, including taking care of his parents or even himself.

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As most rap fans know, it’s been a tough year for shootings among rappers and gangs. King Von, 26, was murdered outside of an Atlanta hookah lounge back in November. The rapper and a few members of his crew were also killed.

In response to the shooting death of many of his contemporaries, Meek Mill, like many others, asked for rappers to end the violence once and for all. He offered record contracts in exchange for them to squash their beef, but it didn’t go over well with a few of them on social media.