Priyanka Chopras book tops chart in the US within 12 hours

Priyanka Chopra’s book tops chart in the US within 12 hours

Priyanka Chopra enjoys a massive fan following not only in India but the rest of the world. In the last few years, we’ve seen her meteoric rise in popularity thanks to her several international projects and initiatives undertaken for the welfare of the needy. Now, the actress is all set to launch her very own memoir titled Unfinished.

Priyanka Chopra book

Yesterday, Priyanka took to social media and revealed that her book was available to pre-order. Well, turns out that her book was the most ordered book on Amazon in a span of 12 hours. Priyanka shared the news on Twitter with a tweet that read, “Thank you all for taking us to number 1 in the US in less than 12 hours! I hope you all love the book” Take a look at her tweet below.

Even after taking Priyanka Chopra’s popularity account, this is is an incredible feat. The book is expected to arrive in January.

Priyanka Chopra book